Verify Your Account

KYB (Know Your Business) or verification of your account is process to review your business validity and making sure that Brick totally understand and then able to allow you to use Brick functionality in real case scenario.

You will be able to start using all Brick features in production environment after you have your account verified or approved, signed by you able to toggle the mode / environment in the bottom left of the dashboard.

Verification process will follow this process :

  1. Go to dashboard, click on Activate Account or Registration button.
  2. You will directed to Brick Pay Registration form.
  3. Fill all of the required data and documents.
  4. Once you submit the registration, our team will verify data in 1 working days and send confirmation status to you via email.
  5. If your account verified, you will see your account is approved and you will be able to switch to Live mode in the dashboard and able to use production API.
  6. If you still have some other data and documents missing, we will communicate with you through email or setup a call to complete the data needed.

Data that you need to prepare for verification process is depends on type of the entity, please refer to table below for the required data :

DataIndividual / UMKM (Online)Individual / UMKM (Offline)Business Entity (PT, CV, PMA)Individual Corporation (PP)YayasanKoperasiDescription
Kartu Identitas (e-KTP) Pemilik/Direktur:white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark:Nama lengkap di kartu identitas harus sesuai dengan nama di rincian orang yang berwenang
Surat Kuasa (Jika diwakili PIC):white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark:
NPWP Pribadi:white-check-mark::white-check-mark:Nama pemilik usaha dalam Kartu NPWP harus sesuai dengan nama legal dan detail yang terdaftar di Brick
NPWP Perusahaan:white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark:Nama perusahaan dalam Kartu NPWP harus sesuai dengan nama legal dan detail yang terdaftar di Brick
Foto Selfie Pemilik Usaha dengan KTP:white-check-mark::white-check-mark:
Foto Selfie Pemilik Usaha dengan Tempat UsahaOptional:white-check-mark:
Nomor Induk Berusaha (NIB):white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark:
Akta Pendirian:white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark:
Akta Perubahan Terakhir (yang memuat / menerangkan perubahan pengurus terakhir & perubahan bidang usaha bila ada):white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark:
SK Kemenkumham atas Akta Pengangkatan Direktur Terakhir:white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark:
Sertifikat Pendaftaran Pendirian Perseroan Perorangan:white-check-mark:
Surat Pernyataan Pendirian Perseroan Perorangan:white-check-mark:

Account verification steps :

  • Registration submitted
  • Verification process
  • Contract signing
  • UAT for API integration (Only if you are integrating via API)
  • Production access granted