Prepare Yourself to Use API


  • Sandbox
    You can use this environment to directly try Brick API capability and create simulation of how integration look like to your application. All integrations and data exchanges in this environment are dummy and not a real money movement. Sandbox environment can be used directly after signup without any need to talk to Brick sales team.
    Sandbox host (Testing) :

  • Production
    Once you have complete your development process and ready to release to production you can request access to production by doing account verification and contract signing process. See verify your account section to understand our verification / KYC process.
    Production host (Live):

Things to prepare to use API

  • Sign up to Brick dashboard and get your API credentials Client ID and Client Secret .

  • Setting up your callback URL. For payment integration you need to setup disbursement URL for payment out API and virtual account for accept payment API.