Payment Link via Dashboard

Payment link is a website link you can generate and share to your customers to accept payment from them. In this payment link, your customers will able to see payment details like your company details, description, file attached, amount need to be paid, and they can choose payment option they want to use to pay.

You can use this payment link as :

  1. Checkout page of your ecommerce business. This payment link is the gate for your customers to finalized the order by choosing payment option and send payment of their order to your business.
  2. Online invoice tools. In this payment link you can attach multiple files like pdf of the invoice or document receipt to show the details information of the payment to your customer. After carefully read the payment details, your client can directly do payment in the same link and close the payment.

After your customers choose one of the payment option in the payment link, system will generate close VA number with amount that you input. Your customer have 45 minutes to complete the payment, but your customers still able to change payment method up to 3 times.

How to make payment link via dashboard :

  1. Login to the dashboard, go to menu Receive Money > Payment Link. Click button Create Payment Link.
  1. Fill the create payment link form and click button Create Payment Link to finalize.
  1. Once create payment link success. You will see this pop up and share payment link to your customers.
  1. Your customer can open the link, and this page will show the details and your customer can choose payment option they want.
  1. If there are payment accepted, you will be able to see the history in the payment link history below that the status is completed. Status unpaid means the payment link haven’t receive any payment from your customers.