Testing Your Integration

Testing in sandbox environment (Testing)

If you want to do testing in the sandbox environment, you can use this recipient sample to get specific status result :

Bank Short CodeBank Account NumberBank Account Holder NameAmountExpected Status
Any bankAny 8 digits numberPROD ONLYRp29.999Completed
AGRISAny 8 digits numberPROD ONLYRp39.999Failed
Any bankAny 8 digits numberPROD ONLYRp10.000 - Rp500.000.000Processing

Note for testing in sandbox environment :

  • Bank account number is any number that more than 8 digits.
  • Bank account holder name is always “PROD ONLY”.
  • Amount need to be in range of Rp10.000 and Rp500.000.000.


Ready to go to Production?

If you have complete all the development and testing, you can check this section to prepare yourself to go to production.

Testing in production environment (Live) :

You can use real bank account number and holder name to test payment out feature in production with real money in your account.