Get Payment Out Transaction Status

For some cases you might need to initiate check status of your transaction instead of waiting for Brick status update to your callback URL. This could be due to :

  • Some errors in Brick side that we are failed to give updated status to your callback URL and you have waited for some times. Usually if your transaction is hanging in status processing for > 1 hour, then you need to initiate check transaction status to Brick system to make sure your users get latest update.
  • Some errors happen during create payment out process. Let’s say you are calling create payment out API to Brick and we are giving server error responses and you can’t decide whether the transaction already created or not. In this case, you can’t retry create payment out directly because you might create double payment out. So you need to be sure that if payment out status is complete than you don’t need to re-create payment out or if the transaction end up failed you can re-create payment out confidently without worrying of double payment out.
  • Some error happen when we are sending updated status to your callback URL. In this case you need to proactively call Brick transaction status API to get latest status update.

There are 2 ways to get transaction status :

  • Using transaction ID that Brick give to you after calling create payment out API.
  • Using reference ID that you input during create payment out API

You can see reference how to use this API in this section.