Payment out via API

Our Payment Out API offers several key features, including the ability to serve as a failover mechanism from BIFAST, addressing its limitations and providing enhanced flexibility for your payment processing needs:

  • Transfer to Virtual Accounts (VA): Unlike BIFAST, our Payment Out API allows you to transfer funds directly to virtual accounts, expanding your reach and enabling seamless transactions with a broader range of recipients.
  • Transfer to E-Wallets: With our Payment Out API, you can transfer funds to e-wallets, providing added convenience for your users who prefer alternative payment methods beyond traditional bank transfers.
  • Better Limitations on Transfer Amounts: BIFAST imposes a limitation on transfer amounts, restricting transactions to 250 million IDR. However, our Payment Out API allows you to transfer amounts exceeding this limit, with a maximum of 500 million IDR, providing greater flexibility for high-value transactions.
  • Failover Mechanism from BIFAST: Our Payment Out API can serve as a failover mechanism from BIFAST. In the event of limitations or issues with BIFAST transactions, you can seamlessly switch to our Payment Out API to ensure uninterrupted payment processing and maintain business continuity.

By leveraging these key features, you can overcome the limitations of BIFAST, ensure reliable payment processing, and provide an enhanced user experience for your customers.