Ledger API and Transactions History

If you ever need to get all your payment out transactions history you can use this ledger API to get it. You can use get your transaction history in certain interval and then you use it for reconciliation purpose.

There are 2 ways to get your transaction data :

  • Use ledger API
    You can see reference how to use this API in this section. This API will allow you to get transaction data using some filters like date range, status, or based on reference ID. You will get the data in paging from 100 to 2000 data per page.
  • Transaction list in the dashboard
    You can go to the dashboard and click on menu transaction list. In transaction list page, you will able to see your transaction history separated by type of transaction like all transactions, money sent (payment out), money received (accept payment), or top up. You can also see the statistics and filter transaction month on month.