Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard(QRIS) is the unique payment acceptance methods to receive payments.

QRIS have some specifications for the amount of money you can accept between Rp1.000 to Rp 10.000.000. Also, Settlement time for QRIS will be T+1 except for holidays. Settlement time means the time between your customers send money through QRIS until the money is reflected in your Brick account balance.

Minimum AmountMaximum AmountSettlement
IDR 1.000IDR 10.000.000T+1 except holidays

There are two types of QRIS available :

  1. Dynamic QR Code
  2. Static QR Code

Dynamic QR Codes

A dynamic QR code is preloaded with a specified payment amount, streamlining the transaction process for end users who merely need to scan and authorize the payment. Once utilized, the dynamic QRIS (Quick Response Code Information System) is set to expire.

Generating Dynamic QR codes requires merchants to possess a system capable of generating QR codes in real-time. While this approach may entail higher costs, it enables seamless payment tracking and enhances accuracy by eliminating human errors.

Static QR Codes

A Static QR code is one time created, Multiple times use QR code. Users can scan the same static QRIS multiple times and pay any needful amount each time. Amount can be different for previous payment.

Static QR codes only needs to generate one time, It should be generated from Brick dashboard. Static QRIS never expires.