Brick payment acceptance feature allow you to accept payment from your customers. All money that accepted using Brick features will be added to your Brick account balance after settlement time met.

There are few types of accept payment features you can use :

  1. Virtual account

    You can create virtual account through API or via dashboard. These feature will allow you to generate unique virtual bank account number and you can share the number directly to your customers and your customers can input this VA number in their mobile bank application to send money to your Brick account.

    There are 2 types of virtual account you can create, which are open (can accept any amount) and close (can only accept specified amount). We provide VA for major banks in Indonesia and keep adding new bank options in the future.

    See details of this feature in this virtual account section.

  2. Payment link

    Payment link is a website URL that you can create and share to your customer to accept their payment. During payment link creation, you can input customer details, amount to pay, and attach files like invoice or receipt. After that you can share the payment link via chat or email to your customer.

    Your customer can open the link in the browser and they will see the payment information like amount to pay, description, attached file, and they can choose payment option that they want to use to pay like virtual account, bank transfer unique code, or QRIS.

    See details of this feature in this payment link section.

    Create Payment Link

    Create Payment Link

    Payment Link in User Side

    Payment Link in User Side

  3. QRIS (Coming Soon Q1 2024)

    QRIS is latest payment acceptance feature we release with the recent update from the Bank Indonesia. In the QRIS feature you generate two types of QRIS, which is static QRIS that can be used multiple times but customer need to input the amount to pay and dynamic QRIS that can only be used one times while have assigned payment amount. You can send this QRIS image file to your customer or show it in your application.

    Currently QRIS feature only accessible via API and not shown inside dashboard. See details of this feature in this QRIS section or check how you can kickstart with API for QRIS dynamic in this section.