Brick Widget

The Brick Widget is a front-end user interface, through which end-users can access all of brick's services.

It handles the following for all supported financial institutions:

  • Credential validation
  • MFA (Multi Factor Authentication)
  • Error handling

Use the Brick Widget to:

  • Securely capture user login information
  • Encrypt and transfer login information to Brick

It works both on the web and on mobile for iOS, Android, Flutter, and React.

API Environments

EnvironmentBase URLDescription
Sandboxhttps://sandbox.onebrick.ioBuild and test your application using test credentials in our sandbox environment. Here you can run all available API requests and test our widget functionality with a mock Financial Institution and limited real institutions.
Productionhttps://api.onebrick.ioGo live with real financial institutions and user accounts. Please contact us to request access.


Coming Soon

Dashboard is an admin interface through which you can access all of Brick's services. It allows you to create, delete and manage your applications.

Use the Dashboard to:

  • Create, delete and manage your applications
  • Add and remove whitelisted IP addresses/hostnames
  • Add and remove redirect/webhook URLs
  • Check billing information (if using Brick's production environment)
  • Measure API usage through seamless reporting