This API helps to provide office addresses using the phone numbers and is available for Telkomsel number

Request Parameters

Key ParametersData TypeDescription
public_access_tokenStringUnique Identifier token for clients, Also called as public_access_token
request_idStringUnique ID for each request
phone_numberStringThe active phone number of the user (that starts with 62, e.g. 6281122334455)

*notes: please use 6285334207735 for testing in sandbox
office_addressStringThe declared home address of the user (as detail as possible, e.g. jln.Merpati No.2, RT.000/RW.000, Medan Petisah, Amplas, Medan, 20123

Response Parameters

Key ParametersData TypeDescription
job_idStringUnique Id for request, It will help to map callback response

You can check the async(callback) response here.

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