Production live checklist

This document will help you follow steps and best practices to go live with Brick products in your production environment.

We highly recommend doing all the testing on the sandbox environment before production. Would you please follow the below steps to go live with Brick? If you are new to Brick, you can start from Get Started.

For QA/Product team

SIT & UAT(In Sandbox server)

  • Please connect with the Brick team to get the SIT sheet at via.
  • Start with SIT testing and fill the SIT sheet with the wanted API and needed institutions in the Brick widget.
  • Share the app screenshot/ app of Widget integration with the Brick team; we will guide you for optimal UX and other feedback.


Please contact the sales team at [email protected] to enable the manual disbursement feature from the dashboard.

Get your production keys

  • You will get the production keys from the dashboard after SIT & UAT; if you cannot get keys from the dashboard please connect with the sales team at [email protected]

For Tech team

  • Make sure you switch all URIs to the production to start with instead of
  • Change from using your sandbox client_id and client_secret to your production client_id and client_secret.

Live on Production

  • Get a real account and do try those credentials on Brick products
  • In production, Billing will be according to usage; Sandbox is capped with a maximum usage limit according to different products. Please reach out to the Sales team at [email protected] for more details.